Key Idea: One publication – Uncrate – sold close to $30,000 for us in one week!

Press Mentions is Free Money

Throughout our Kickstarter campaign, we got in over a dozen publications. Men’s Health, Uncrate, Ask Men, Trend Hunter, and many more. These were directly responsible for tens of thousands of dollars in free sales.

This wouldn’t have been possible without a stellar press release. So, how do you write a Kickstarter press release? A press release that actually gets you attention, instead of being ignored?

Journalists Are Lazy 

As you think about how to write a press release for your Kickstarter, keep one thing in mind: journalists are lazy. Many of them get paid per word or per article. In other words, their goal is to get your article written and out the door as quickly as possible.

This is especially true in the world of blogging. Many journalists have quotas, like having to write 8 articles per day. We’re no longer in the era of investigative journalism. We’re now in the era of BuzzFeed, clickbait, and Facebook.

Your job, as an entrepreneur who wants to get in the press, is to make the job of the journalist as easy as possible. You want to make it possible for them to basically copy and paste your press release and have a fully functioning article.

How to Write a Press Release for Kickstarter

Let’s start with the basics. Your press release needs to answer all the key questions about your story. Specifically, it needs to answer:

  • Who. Who are you? What’s your background? Why did you create this product? What’s your story?
  • What. What is the product? How does it work?
  • Why. Why should people care? How is this product going to change people’s lives?
  • When. When did it launch? How did your Kickstarter do at launch? Hint: you want the narrative to be “we surpassed our goal in the first hour.” Read more about this here.

These are the basics that every journalist will need to write about your product. But, that’s not the most important part. The most important part is …

The All Important Hook

Your press release needs a hook. A hook that can get someone to stop dead in their tracks, turn their head, and say – “what?!”

This is what journalists are looking for. They want to drive pageviews so they get more advertising dollars. If you have a story that can shock, awe, impress, or inspire, that’s newsworthy.

Ideally, this is something built into your product. Your job is to convey this newsworthiness to journalists, quickly. That means including it in your headline.

Where to Put Your Press Release

Now that you know how to write your Kickstarter press release, let’s talk about where you actually put this press release.

You’ll want to put this press release in big, bold, searchable text at the bottom of your Kickstarter campaign. When I say searchable, I mean you should be able to press CTRL+F and type “press” and end up at your press release.

Why? Again, journalists are lazy. If they see your campaign and get interested, they’re gonna search for the press release. They do not want to email you and ask.

When we were featured in Men’s Health and Uncrate, neither of the reporters ever reached out to us. We didn’t even know we were featured until our friends tagged us on Facebook. We just saw a spike in Google Analytics, and tens of thousands of dollars in free sales.

You need to make your press release easily accessible, so lazy journalists can quickly find it.

Include Photos, Videos, and Everything Else

Again, you want to make a journalist’s job easy. Every news article includes a photo. Sometimes they include a video. They don’t want to email you to ask for high resolution photos.

Include the press kit, and all your high res images and photos, in a Dropbox or Google Drive folder. Link to it from your campaign page, so a journalist can easily download everything they need.

Make sure to include different types of photos. Include several photos of the founder, photos of the product on its own, photos of the product in use, the product being made, and the team.

Some journalists like to write about the founder, while others like to write about the product. Make it easy for them to do their jobs.

Emailing Your Press Release to Journalists

First of all, I do not recommend using press release blasting services. These are services that will “send your press release to 10,000 blogs and journalists.” Journalists have automated filters that basically block all this stuff out.

Instead, I recommend individually emailing journalists who have written about similar products. Personalize it by mentioning something they’ve written about in the past. Attach your press release, or link to your press kit.

This is more work, but your success rate will be much higher. Note that, since this is pretty much grunt work, I’d recommend that you hire someone to do this for you. Even paying someone $8 next to you to sit there and email journalists on your behalf can be a great investment.

If you’re looking for a list of journalists to email, this is a good list to start with.

My “Secret Sauce” for Getting PR

Our secret sauce for getting PR was not actually reaching out to journalists. It was by getting to the top of Kickstarter’s rankings, and having journalists find us instead.

How did we do that? I talk about the step-by-step process we used in our Kickstarter Blueprint. This system helped us raise $10,000 in 25 minutes and $200,000 by the end of our campaign. You can learn more about it here.