Key Idea: We sold $10,000 in 25 minutes, thanks to our Kickstarter email list of 4,800 backers

Why Build an Email List?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to start your marketing after your Kickstarter launches. If you do, your campaign is probably doomed.


The first day you launch your campaign will make or break your campaign. You either launch with huge momentum and surpass your goal right out of the gate, or you spend weeks struggling to get sales.

The goal with a Kickstarter is not to get a trickle of sales every day. Instead, your goal should be to …

Surpass Your Funding Goal on Day 1

Our Kickstarter campaign hit $10,000 in the first 25 minutes. Our funding goal was $5,000. We hit 200% within the first hour of our campaign.

We couldn’t have done it without an email list. Having a pre-launch email list allows you to:

  • Build an emotional connection with your buyers,
  • Create a sense of urgency for people to purchase,
  • Let people know that there are limited early birds available,
  • Share all the amazing features about your product,
  • Stay on top of people’s minds,
  • Co-ordinate a launch event on your Day 1

Most importantly, having a pre-launch email list allows you to …

Get Buyers to Mark Your Launch in Their Calendar

As you build your Kickstarter email list, you’ll send them several different kinds of emails. These emails include:

  • Introduction. Let your readers get to know you.
  • Teasers. Tease key features about your product.
  • Storytelling. Tell the story of how it was made, or why you built this product.
  • Sales. Sell your readers on your product, and get them excited to buy.
  • Urgency. This is the most important type of email!

Urgency is key. You need hundreds of people to buy your product on Day 1. To get people to do that, you have to convince them that they have to buy now rather than later.

How do you do that?

You let them know you have hundreds – or thousands – of people on your email list. And only a handful of early birds. And if they don’t buy right away, they’ll miss out. Make sure to include your launch day and time, and let people know they need to reserve their spot in their calendar, so they don’t miss out.

How to Build a Big Pre-Launch Email List – Fast!

First of all, let’s get one thing clear: you should never ever buy an email list. Spamming people who aren’t interested in your product is a sure way to waste time and money, and alienate the Kickstarter community.

Instead, you should build your own email list. From scratch.

This doesn’t have to take long. We built our entire email list of 4,800 backers within about 2 weeks. It took about 4 days for us to test our marketing message, then 10 days to reach our customers.

With this email list of 4,800 people, we sold $25,000 in our first 10 minutes, and went on to raise over $200,000 for our campaign.

So how did we build our Kickstarter email list?

Facebook, Instagram, and LeadPages

We built our email list primarily with Facebook, Instagram, and LeadPages.

We used a mix of paid and free marketing. On the paid side, we drove Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads traffic to an email capture page.

The email capture page offered a chance to get a 50% discount when we launched. Basically this was our early bird discount. Here’s what one of our landing pages looked like:

We also sent people to our Facebook Group, once they joined our email list. The group allowed us to interact with our customers, but more importantly let them interact with one another.

They could see that there were hundreds of people interested in buying. That meant that, if we had 100 early bird products, it would likely disappear fast. It made the scarcity seem real, and the urgency felt.

This is what one of our Facebook Ads looked like:

We started with no email list. Using this strategy, we built a list of close to 5,000 people. We used that to leverage our way to a blockbuster launch, a Men’s Health feature, and a six figure campaign.

Your Email List Needs to Be Desperate Buyers

Here’s why I’m not a big believe in generic “Kickstarter Email Lists”: you want an email list of people who are desperate for your product. You don’t just want people who like Kickstarter in general. You want people who want your product.

That means your email list is going to be different than mine, and different than just about every other campaign. You must build it from scratch.

Fortunately, Facebook’s ad targeting is so good these days, you can target just about any group of humans on the planet. Want to reach eco-conscious surfers who have money? Check. Tech-savvy travelers who love to buy bags? Check. iPhone users who want an indestructible case? Check.

All you need to know is how to reach the right person, and how to convince them to join your email list. And then how to get them to buy.

Build Your Personal Kickstarter Email List

Want to learn how to build your very own email list, from scratch?

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